WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

What to Wear

Our school year is over in just a few short days, which can only mean one thing: finals. We are in the midst of tests, papers and presentations. Presenting can be a daunting task for many and, sometimes, people worry about what they are going to wear just as much as what they are going to say. To alleviate some unneeded stress, I spotted this Fashionista wearing the perfect presentation outfit. She looked professional and polished while still looking fresh and youthful. With just a few key pieces, this look will be easy to replicate.

Get this Fashionista’s look by wearing a pencil skirt. I like how hers sits right above the knee and not revealing. I also really love how she wore a gray color as opposed to black because black can be overplayed when dressing in professional wear. Next, she wore a crisp white-colored button-down. Tuck the blouse into the waist of the skirt for a clean look. Make sure to wear a tank top underneath if the blouse is see-through or revealing.

For shoes, it is important to wear a pair that makes you feel comfortable. If you are okay to walk in heels to class, then I suggest wearing a pair like this Fashionista’s. I love her patent leather black peep-toe shoes that rest at a perfect height. A standard heel in business is about three to four inches. Anything higher resembles a party shoe and we definitely don’t want to give off the wrong impression. For jewelry, I strongly encourage to keep it simple like this Fashionista who chose to wear a watch, ring and necklace. Too much jewelry can be distracting for you and your audience.

One Simple Change: Now that you just nailed a great presentation, I am sure you are ready to handle an internship. Wear this look, but instead of heels opt for flats, which will be comfortable and still professional.


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