WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

What to Wear

The end of the semester is coming up quickly, and you know what that means: exams, projects and presentations. Personally, I think presentations are the worst. Listening to the monotone, emotionless and prepared speeches drains my energy. I always do my best to prepare myself to look and sound as natural as I possibly can be. It’s important to be knowledgeable of whatever you are talking about, this makes the presentation flow more easily. If you just memorize note cards and aren’t quite sure of your topic, the presentation seems stiff and unnatural. Make sure you prepare yourself as best as you can for your presentation. Between prepping, note cards, practicing and perfecting that presentation, don’t forget to think about your fashionable and professional outfit. If the public speaking jitters have taken over, never fear, this Fashionista is here to help you out! She gives you a stylish look that will have you feeling confident and cool as you tackle your presentation.

Blazers are crucial for presentations. Walking in front of a class with a professional blazer on immediately gives you all the attention and makes people take you seriously. I love this blazer especially because it’s not your typical trend. She steered away from the basic black blazer, and found one more comfortable with blue details to really draw attention to herself. If the blazer didn’t say enough, she is rockin’ a vibrant pair of patterned leggings. The leggings are blue and black, which keeps the color scheme rolling in this outfit. The look is completed perfectly with simple black boots and a black tank.

One Simple Change: If you’re still enduring some cold weather, add a cute jacket to your outfit. A nice jacket will keep you warm and ready for your presentation.


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