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What to Wear

One of the most dreaded assignments in any class of any given semester are presentations. The nerve racking walk up to the front of the room, the turning and facing of the class and ultimately the standing in front of them for what seems like forever, all create such a sense of fear within us. I believe the root of this fear comes from being judged by our peers, and the main judgement category that we worry about is of what we’re wearing. With that being said, the simple solution here is to dress for these awful presentations in something that we are confident in and show off that confidence.

Being comfortable with your outfit and feeling good about it are the two most important components of a Fashionista/o’s confidence. So, when I spotted this Fashionisto eagerly on his way to his class presentation I knew he would be the perfect representation for this week’s What To Wear piece. At first glance he looks very plain with a typical going to class ensemble, but when you look a little closer he is actually wearing a Van Heusen button-down dress shirt, of which gives a more sophisticated, formal appeal. The blue with white pin stripes are a classic pattern that he decided to pair over a simple white Calvin Klein v-neck under shirt. Although the rest of the outfit he decides to keep casual with the light wash Levi jeans, Champs Adidas sneakers and Burton backpack, the button-down has enough formality to be fully appropriate for a presentation.

The Fashionisto chose all of these pieces by keeping in mind a look good, feel good attitude. The jeans are an everyday item so they’re not over the top but are a step up from a too casual pair of sweats. The button-down is where he stands out for the presentation because he’ll feel comfortable in it but, more importantly, confident. All it takes is one or two clothing items to put you ahead of your usual day-to-day looks and take away that fear of facing the entire class. It’s the easiest of logic; a statement necklace, skater skirt, patterned knit sweater or a good pair of tan pants, you’ll be wanting to stand in front of everyone instead of dreading it.

One Simple Change: By swapping out the jeans for a nicer pair of tan pants this Fashionisto could be ready to meet his girlfriend’s parents or go on a casual date night.


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