WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

What to Wear

I’m always in the mood for a fun day with my friends. The best kind of day is when you don’t have any pre-made plans and things just kind of fall into place. You don’t know where you’re going or what you’re going to do, but you’re ready to have a good time with those you love!

In order to enjoy your time with your friends you have to be comfortable. Your fun day could call for a lot of walking and you’re not about to do that in a pair of five inch heels. To plan for this event you want to choose a pair of sandals or oxfords. Both options can easily be dressed up while still feeling perfectly comfortable.

Just because you’re looking to feel a little comfortable while taking on the town with friends, doesn’t mean you have to throw out your style. Toss on some pieces that really capture your personality. I love how this Fashionista kept her outfit rather simple but dressed it up with her own flare of jewelry. Her antique earrings and nose ring show off her edgier side.

With everything up in the air, you want to be sure you have extra makeup with you, your wallet, a brush, sunglasses and anything else you could possibly need. This being said, a good purse is a must. This Fashionista chose a great across the shoulder bag so she never had to worry about carrying it or forgetting it throughout her exciting day.

This Fashionista kept it simple with her white peplum tank, jean crop pants and leather sandals. Since you don’t know what your day has planned for you it’s best to keep your outfit in between dressy and casual. As Oscar Wilde put it, “you can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

One Simple Change: I love how simple this Fashionista’s outfit is. However, if her friends decide to turn this day out with friends into a girl’s night out, she’s going to have to dress is up a bit more. In order to do this, I suggest swapping out the sandals for a pair of heels and the jeans out for a pair of dressy harem pants. Lastly, change the gold jewelry out for a statement necklace. This will add some color and focus to the outfit as well as dress it up. Once these easy fixes are made this outfit will be perfect for any nightlife scene!


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