WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

What to Wear

Whether my friends like it or not, I am a huge planner. Call it the Capricorn in me, but I like to know what I’ll be doing at least a week in advance. Even though my room is less than tidy, my calendar is always organized and updated. So this means that going out with friends is not typically a spur of the moment event for me. If we’re going to a movie, a restaurant or a museum, I’ll need to dress accordingly. Today’s Fashionista is a vision in blue that I caught with her friends on their way to the Museum of Fine Arts.

What makes her outfit great for going out with friends is how many types of places she could go to in it. This outfit could work for a trip to a flea market, shopping or for a casual lunch. This Fashionista has put together a creative outfit that stands out due to the awesome accessories and various prints and textures. Instead of plain blue jeans, she goes with an acid-washed pair. She continues the blue theme with a patterned blue button-down and a solid blue jacket. Mixing the acid-washed jeans with a patterned top is a fun way to mix up the typical jeans and button-down combination. This Fashionista takes her accessories to the next level with a black beanie with gold embellishments, a gold lion necklace, a gold studded purse, lace-up boots, an oversized watch and lots of rings and bracelets.

So whether your next outing with friends has been planned two weeks in advance or you have a two-hour heads up, be prepared for anything with a cool outfit inspired by today’s Fashionista. Start off with these black acid-washed jeans and pair them with a patterned button-down. Layer with a shiny bomber jacket that will add additional texture to your outfit. Pile on the accessories with a pair of booties, a statement necklace, an embellished purse and anything else that coordinates and strikes your fancy.  Your eclectic outfit will certainly stand out no matter where your outing takes you!

One Simple Change: This look can easily translate into concert attire. Depending on the concert, there can be hundreds of people surrounding you at once. To avoid getting too hot, swap out the button-down for a breathable top that will help ventilate your upper half.


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