WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

What to Wear

“Hey, want to hang out?” Four words that seem so simple, yet so complex. Whether you are meeting up with a friend for dinner or a couple friends for a girl’s night out, it is always important to look your best. So, how do you dress to “hang?” The key is to be elegant. When you go out with your friends, it is important to be an individual, but to not outshine anyone. This Fashionista puts together a chic, understated outfit, but is careful not to let us forget about her with a statement piece that is hard to miss.

This Fashionista accomplishes effortless-chic. The way to know if you have put together a great outfit to go out with friends is if they do not comment on it. Wait, what? But your friends are supposed to comment on your outfit, right? Nope, wrong. If you get the look-over, you know you have succeeded. Sometimes, getting a comment means you have gone overboard. This Fashionista makes herself known through a statement piece. She chose a pair of tribal-patterned jeans. Patterned jeans are very in style right now, even for fall. If you are thinking of trying this style, go for fall colors like maroon, forest green and blue.Also, keep in mind that when you have a bold statement piece like this, it is important to keep the other pieces relatively simple. I recommend pairing patterned jeans with a simple top like this Fashionista.

In terms of accessories, there is some opportunity to play around. This Fashionista chose to keep the jewelry relatively simple. However, she chose an adventurous shoe. By keeping the shoe color a neutral, this Fashionista was able to implement a flower detail. This is important to keep in mind. Fashion is all about sacrifice and reward. By sacrificing a shoe with a bright color, this Fashionista was able to choose a shoe with its own statement piece.

Going out with friends is a fun, relaxing experience. It is, however, a chance to meet people and socialize on a larger scale. Remember, dress to impress and take advantage of your personal style! Dressing up is all about showing people who you are and having fun. Have a little fun and enjoy your night out!

One Simple Change: Library trip? Swap out the tribal pants for a pair of light denim jeans!


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