WHAT TO WEAR: On the Quad

What to Wear

I’ve always found the academic quad at Dickinson one of the most intriguing spots on campus—a vivacious, bustling playground for chatty students flocking to and from class in the morning. By mid-afternoon, it becomes a tranquil rest area for pedestrians, readers and loungers alike to sit back, relax and soak up some fresh air and sunshine. Such a duality creates an unexpected yet captivating backdrop to the everyday ebb and flow of Dickinson campus activity.

One notable trend of movement that periodically wheels its way through the academic quad is skateboarding. While skate culture has only recently begun to permeate the designs and collections of high fashion’s finest, skateboards are one of the most popular modes of transporting across campus for Dickinson students. I spotted this Fashionisto instantly as he whizzed through the quad on his bright red skateboard, and I immediately flagged him down to snap a photo.

This Fashionisto’s classic ensemble peppered with a dash of preppiness serves as a perfect example of how this ’90s phenomenon has broadened its once original audience of skateboarders clad in graphic tees, skinny jeans and animated snapbacks. His choice of sporting a vintage festive sweater, a pair of rustic khakis and rugged canvas sneakers adds just the right amount of flare to couple with his laid-back New England nonchalance.  All spot-on sartorial choices aside, it is without a doubt that his bright red skateboard takes his otherwise timeless look and transforms it into the suave college boy next door.

One Simple Change: Looking for an easy wardrobe transition into weekend festivities?  Easily achieved with a quick change into a white V-neck tee, a simple pair of kicks and a bomber jacket.  If you’re up for it, throw a beanie on while you’re at it. How David Beckham-esque, no?


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