WHAT TO WEAR: On the Quad

What to Wear

While on campus, you are dressing for the unexpected––whether it be who you are going to see, where you may have to end up going or what turns the weather is going to take, especially in Washington. Being prepared for just about anything is what it takes to dress when going to campus. Every day is a learning experience, but learning from experiences––like when you seeing it start to dump snow out the window of your classroom when it was sunny on your way to campus––is never enjoyable to go through.

While everyone on campus was struggling to stay warm and still look fashionable, this Fashionista was able to pull it off with ease. Not only was her chipper smile what caught my attention, but also the bounce she had in her step because of the boots she was wearing. I love Minnetonka boots because when you wear them, you can’t help but smile as they bounce around with each step. They are the perfect boots to match with in the winter because they have a cozy, cabin-feel to them. Her boots were not the only cozy winter item that she was wearing; this Fashionista paired her outfit with a down vest from The North Face. Unlike most other winter overcoats, her vest allows her not only to stay warm but it allows her outfit to be shown. By pairing her outfit with the necessary winter accessories, this Fashionista was able to pull off an all-season look of distressed jeans, the classic tank and casual cardigan during the most difficult season of them all: winter.

Most often, we disregard the clothes we own that typically wouldn’t be worn during the off season—although this Fashionista has defied the odds. Personally, I am now inspired to pull out some of the items that I haven’t worn since summer and to challenge myself to properly pair them so I can wear them, yet again. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look.

One Simple Change: Lose the North Face vest and you have a look that is socially acceptable in just about any casual setting. For a look appropriate for going out, simple pair the outfit, with or without the cardigan with a statement necklace that has a pop of color.


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