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Usually a college campus isn’t complete without a quad for students to socialize, do homework or just relax. Being at school in the city, we don’t really have quads. We get Millennium Park, which in my opinion, is pretty cool. There’s nothing better to do on a nice day than to get Starbucks, go to Millennium Park and read or do homework. The city can be hectic and busy so it’s nice to be outside and just relax. This time of year we usually have way better weather than this. However, as sad as it is, 60-degrees in Chicago is feels like summer. Needless to say, spring break wasn’t ideal this year. I guess crop tops and shorts will have to wait for another month or two. Nice weather usually comes every few weeks and only lasts about two days, so we like to take advantage of it.

This Fashionista finally gets to ditch her winter coat for a cute leather jacket. She matches her boots and makes a very put together outfit. I always like when tops or jackets match your shoes unless you make your shoes the statement piece of your outfit. Her knit white tank is a perfect basic piece for layering. She adds a little bit of color with a red statement necklace. I’ve never been huge on accessories but lately I am obsessed with necklaces and realize I need to start a collection. Never underestimate the power accessories have over a whole outfit. They can dress it up or dress it down and complete the look of an outfit.

It’s always nice to be comfortable, especially when your going to be out on the quad or a the park. Comfortable jeans are always good to have on when you’re sitting or lying down in a park. Take advantage of the warm days we have, there has been too much cold for way too long!

One  Simple Change: Switch the boots for sandals, ditch the jacket and you’ll have a great outfit for a country concert this summer!


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