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Now that the weather has stopped making me cry (and I mean that literally, thanks to the wind), hanging out on the quad is a real thing. I’ve seen students reading, eating lunch, walking on the slack lines and soaking up the vitamin D they’ve all been deprived of this past winter. If you need a break from the library, the quad is a great place to relax for a few minutes or hours. Today’s Fashionista is in a quad-worthy outfit that complements the open skies and sunny day.

She initially caught my attention with her striped pants and tastefully tucked in ombré button-down. Sometimes I find that doing the half tuck can be tricky, but this Fashionista pulled it off perfectly because of the fit of her shirt. She continues the blue color palette with a pair of navy suede slip-on shoes and adds a bit of texture with a tan snakeskin belt. Her blue themed ensemble is great for a day outside because her lightweight long sleeves will protect her from any random gusts of wind. Going sans outwerwear is also easier because the less you have to lug around, the better.

To get your own version of this outfit, find a pair of patterned pants. For an even more lounge-worthy look, opt for a pair of lightweight pants. Next, find a loose button-down or T-shirt and tuck it in with a cute belt. For shoes, keep it simple and comfortable. Let your feet soak up the grass and go for a pair of slip-ons that can come right off as soon as you’re settled in.

It’s hard to say what makes an outfit perfect for a day on the quad, but as long as it passes the test of comfort and flexibility, I think it works.  By flexibility, I mean that you need to be able to lie on your stomach, your back, on your side or criss-cross applesauce for any time spent hanging out on the quad. You never know what position relaxation will lead you to.

One Simple Change: If a heat wave rolls through, swap out the pants for high-waisted shorts and slip on your favorite sandals.



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