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It seems like only a few weeks ago, the end of school was but a distant dream. But what was recently a mere passing thought is now a reality looming upon all college students, teasing us with the promise of a few homework-free weeks and sunshine-filled days. While we all know that we can count the number of classes we have left on one hand, attending said classes is becoming increasingly difficult. Even so, the number of students on campus has steadily increased with the temperatures, and the time that students used to spend running between classes to avoid the unbearably cold weather and never-ending snow is now spent lounging on any available surface on campus, soaking up glorious rays of sun.

With summer approaching, attitudes are not the only change happening around campus. Sleeves are getting shorter, hemlines are rising and spring fashion is in full bloom. This Fashionisto’s outfit is a testament to that fact.

No matter what the weather, jeans are always a perfect staple in any outfit. Because the weather is often unpredictable even in late spring, denim is a foolproof choice to keep any outfit from being too hot or cold. By wearing them cuffed, this Fashionisto keeps them looking fresh and on trend while warding off any chance of a chill from unexpected cold fronts.

While pastels are a common theme among college students when the weather gets warmer, this Fashionisto stands out from the crowd in a bright yellow jersey. The purple in his cap perfectly complements the details of his shirt, while the busy pattern adds a hip element to the sporty look. Small additions to the outfit, such as a beaded necklace and leather boots, tie the look together to create an outfit perfect for soaking up the sun on the quad, dreaming of summer days to come.

One Simple Change: Instead of a jersey, pair the jeans with an Oxford shirt for a little denim-on-denim look, perfect for a casual date or a night on the town.


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