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Here at NYU, stepping onto campus (or into Washington Square Park) is like throwing yourself into the midst of a fashion show. Only, everyone’s sporting looks from totally disparate designers. And, of course, every student is his or her own stylist. No matter the season, people here tend to keep their sartorial game in check. There are the classicists, with button-up collared blouses and oxfords.

But, there’s one type of style maven that seems to stand out—and that’s the vintage-obsessed, quirky cool girl. She’s thrifted most of the pieces that make up her ensemble and she sports them with her own, signature flair. She carries herself with ease and she seems to wear her personality on her sleeve. And, she turns heads wherever she goes—yes, even once she steps off the “quad.”

This Fashionista is the epitome of such a clothing connoisseur. Surprisingly, she could hardly believe it when I asked to take her photo. But, her humble attitude only added to the genuine air about her. And, perhaps it’s her free spirit that allows her to pull off about six different shades of green in one getup. From her fur coat to her ‘60s, zip-down tunic and leather gloves, it’s clear she’s got a wardrobe many of us would die for.

But, it’s with the addition of a white turtleneck, thigh highs socks and flat mules that this Fashionista highlights her killer sense of style. Essentially, she fits in perfectly at NYU, for the very reason that she seems to shine. And, trust, this campus has got room for plenty of stars.

One Simple Change: A winter night out might mean nixing the undershirt and stepping into a pair of unique booties. Throw on a chain strap purse (in this Fashionista’s chosen color), and, yes, keep those knee-highs right where they are.


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