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With spring now upon us, who doesn’t want to take advantage of the invitingly warm weather? When the sun pops out and the flowers begin to bloom, I know where everyone on campus is heading—the quad. I’ve terribly missed my school’s glorious quad area this past winter season and I feel everyone is ready to embrace all that is spring, which definitely includes utilizing the quad. Whether it’s studying and lounging on a blanket or throwing a Frisbee, most of these activities take place on your quad, which makes it the perfect place to test out your new spring apparel. This Fashionisto surely took advantage of this opportunity. From his nautical boat shoes to his quilted jacket and to his effortless infinity scarf, he’s all set for strutting across the quad.

Boat shoes certainly scream spring and they’re often the first piece I jump to when the weather becomes warmer. They’re an ideal accessory since they can be paired with almost any type of outfit. Whether it’s a spring skirt, a pair of pastel shorts or a pair of dark denim jeans, boat shoes will match them swimmingly. They’re also quite comfortable, which makes them an all around wonderful go-to spring shoe.

Moving upward, this Fashionisto’s nice layering of a simple white and navy striped button-down and an army green quilted jacket create a perfect combination for the sunny weather you’ll be enjoying on the quad. The jacket adds just the right amount of warmth, but can easily be shed, which makes it an ideal versatile piece. To finish his outfit off, the effortlessly thrown on infinity scarf truly pulls this outfit together. It echoes the subtle tones in this Fashionisto’s striped button-down, yet is also a unique piece on its own. Put all of these stylish and subdued toned pieces together and you’re all set for a day of lounging on the quad. Even if you don’t happen to finish that homework you should be doing, at least you’re a stylish example for your fellow classmates!

One Simple Change: If you’re trying to be more productive and ambitious with your workload and are heading to the library instead of the quad, you can still dress stylishly in this setting. Instead of the button-down and quilted jacket combination, try a comfier shirt, such as an elbow patch sweater. Your outfit will be more relaxed and comfortable to study in, but will still have that stylish element.


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