What to Wear

From the moment we wake up to the moment we rest our heads peacefully on our pillows at night, there can be a million thoughts running through our heads about what the day ahead has planned for us. Often during this time of year, we are consciously deciding what outfit will be most appropriate for a day of classes and running to and from different areas on campus. Whether you are taking a moment for yourself to enjoy a break or walking to the next destination on your schedule, make a statement with your outfit.

This Fashionista perfectly sets the stage for what to wear on the quad. Her outfit looks fabulous, and she managed to pick something that would be easy to wear all day long. She took bold pieces and paired them together creating a bohemian-chic look. She is wearing a white knit top detailed with lace at the bottom and paired it with navy and maroon patterned skinny jeans. A denim jacket with knit sleeves was also added keeping the look super comfortable, yet also put together. She is wearing a pair of metallic combat boots, which are a great addition for this outfit because they are so unique and different.

What really pulls this outfit together are the accessories this Fashionista is modeling. She is wearing a black, rhinestone studded beanie, which is great for these colder winter days when you want to ditch the plain winter hat for something fun. Instead of wearing a backpack, she opted for a bleach-dyed tote, which totally catches your eye at first glance and makes the outfit pop. On this day in particular, we were lucky enough to have the sun shining, so she threw on a pair of pink Ray-Ban sunglasses. Every single item this Fashionista is wearing is so unique and yet paired together it looks absolutely amazing making her really stand out!

One Simple Change: If you are planning on attending another event such as a birthday party later that night, you can leave the beanie and sunglasses at home and add either a scarf or bold necklace. This will still make the outfit pop without taking the spotlight away from it.


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