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Living in a Florida beach town can really have its perks. Besides the beautiful beach and historic landmarks, it is the beginning of February and already the campus pool is flooding (pun intended) with students wanting to take advantage of the glorious summer-like weather. St. Augustine has thankfully welcomed much needed warmer weather to thaw us out from a brutal and chilling winter. My favorite thing to do when the temperature rises is sit on the quad and read a guilty pleasure book. Embarrassingly enough, I tend to get distracted and people watch instead—hey, I am researching for CollegeFashionista right?  As I was casually “reading” on the quad I glanced up to find this Fashionisto gripping his custom made skateboard fitting the iconic “skater boy” vibe that seamlessly correlated with the warmer weather.

This Fashionisto’s crisp white button-down stood out in a sea of neon and I immediately appreciated how not only was his choice in wardrobe simply fashionable, it also double featured as a cooling device necessary to keep him comfortable on such a hot and humid day. The light linen material reflects the sun and is breathable enough to keep him fresh on his afternoon ride across campus. A white button-down is an appropriate staple for both Fashionistas and Fashionistos to have hanging in their closets. It can easily be dressed up or down with a few effortless tweaks and simple additions depending on the ocassion.

Light wash denim is considered a match made in heaven when paired with white. The combination is youthful and bright as well as a classic choice for a summer inspired ensemble. I also love these ocean blue shorts opposed to the full length jean. They are cropped and lightweight in preparation for the sweltering summer ahead, that also won’t get in the way of landing that new skateboard trick you’ve been practicing.

The bright blue and white baseball cap similar to this one was this Fashionisto’s prized possession. He claimed to have won it for a contest he entered and opted to add it to his summer-friendly look. It seemed like the ultimate finishing piece to an outfit ready for warmer weather. Not only does it shade his freckled face from the blistering sun, but the bold blue stands out against the white and adds a fun and playful flair.

Fellas, take a tip from this Fashionisto and be sure to go out and acquire a white button-down that will be appropriate for not only hanging out on the quad, but for virtually any occasion.

One Simple Change: To make this look more suitable for a casual date night, add a handsome jacket and ditch the cap to easily dress up an outfit that will have your date swooning all evening long.


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