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When temperatures drop into negative territory, the motivation to dress well plunges down with the barometer. To avoid falling in a sea of sweatpants and slovenly folk, the key is to find statement pieces that you can assemble in a quick and efficient manner. By wearing detailed and patterned clothing, you can get away with donning an ensemble that will only take five minutes to put on in the morning. This means extra minutes snuggling in your warm, comfy blanket, aka a huge victory during polar vortex days.

This week’s Fashionista evades the winter style slump with her houndstooth peacoat and textured top. By wearing two standout pieces, she is able to slip into basic black leggings and still look stylish. For an extra edge, she rocks some black combat boots that clash with her dressier top in the best of ways.

If you want to snag this Fashionista’s trendy two-piece ensemble, start off with a statement top. Textured tops, like this Fashionista’s, are always a subtle way to turn heads. Check out this chic black top from Club Monaco. If you want to be more outrageous, I recommend going with a flamboyant material, aka this fringe top, or sporting psychedelic colors with a holographic sweater.

For the very necessary jacket, you can balance out the top with a neutral colored peacoat, or pile crazy on crazy with patterned or bold colored outerwear. For shoes, thigh-high boots are still a big thing in the fashion blog-o-sphere, and they make your legs look longer, which is always a plus. And if you are in dire need of extra warmth, like me, add on gloves, a scarf and a beanie. Extra socks and tights underneath pants or leggings don’t hurt either!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s outfit can easily transition into a winter night out look by switching the combat boots for a closed-toed pair of heels, like these Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Emphasis on the closed-toed because you do NOT want to walk around in this weather without something covering your feet. Unless you’re a fan of frostbite.


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