WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

What to Wear

Sadly, most of us are going through yet another round of midterms. With exams to study for and projects due left and right, creating the perfect outfit probably isn’t on the top of your three page to-do list. Fortunately, this Fashionista and I are here to help. Her look is the perfect blend of hot spring trends, yet it still manages to be comfortable and casual, which you will appreciate when you’re spending hours on end with your head in a textbook.

This look is simple to pull together, even after you stayed up all night studying for your next midterm. All you need is go-to black leggings and boots, a military vest or jacket and one or more gray elements. Here, our stylish Fashionista chose to rock a dark gray T-shirt with a gray zip-up hoodie over it. Remember, you don’t have to sport just a basic gray T-shirt! This Fashionista’s tossed on a faded one and I discovered a fun asymmetrical version. The layered look appears effortless and will keep you cozy when midterms week takes you from library, to exam room, to coffee shop.

This Fashionista has all of the minute details of her ensemble down pat. A midterm outfit only needs simple accessories. The delicate rings and necklace juxtapose the rough military-inspired vest. Her girly, light pink fingernails contrast with the leather trim on the pockets of her vest. This Fashionista even nails it in the beauty department by choosing to let her ombre waves fall gracefully and apply minimal, natural makeup that has her glowing.

By simply taking a page out of this Fashionista’s book, you can quickly create a fashion-forward outfit, leaving more time to study your stack of notecards.

One Simple Change: Celebrating a successful midterms week with a fun girls’ night out? Swap your leggings for on-trend leather pants and your boots for heels with studs to keep with the feminine vs. masculine vibe of your ensemble.


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