WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

What to Wear

There comes a time in every semester when college students are faced with a reality check. For some, this reality might come as a welcomed opportunity to test the knowledge they’ve acquired so far in the semester. For others, their reality check might be as unexpected as a slap in the face. This reality check is called midterms. They are a way for professors to separate the strong from the weak and to see who’s really been paying attention in class. Whether you are the one who is in the front row of each class with a highlighter and notebook in hand or you haven’t been to a lecture since syllabus week, midterms does not come without at least a little stress. Between all the studying, class projects and presentations that occur, it can be hard to justify spending time on practical things like sleep, meals and dressing presentably. Putting in the effort to look presentable and even a little stylish during midterms can help boost your confidence and make you feel more motivated to study; which can lead to higher grades.

I don’t know how this Fashionista did on her midterms but if she was getting a grade in style, I would give her an A+. Not only did she put together a stylish outfit during midterms week, but she gets extra credit for doing what some might think is impossible, mixing neutrals. This Fashionista’s ensemble is made up entirely of neutral hues. Now I know what you are thinking…are green and blue really neutrals? Yes. Army green and navy blue are considered neutrals in my book because they are tones found in nature that complement the rest of the colors on the color wheel. When paired with a bright color, neutrals bring balance to an outfit while allowing the bright colored piece to take center stage. When an outfit is made up of different neutral hues, no hue outshines another and a cohesive and fashionable look is achieved. This Fashionista also combined a variety of textures in her outfit with a knit sweater, quilted jacket and leather boots. Her outfit looks put together without trying too hard, which is the perfect way to go during midterms.

So before you throw in the towel when it comes to style and show up to your midterms in your pajama jumpsuit, remember that when it comes to looking stylish you don’t have to strain your brain too hard. Just remember to utilize neutral hues and mix fabrics and textures and you can’t miss.

Good luck and study hard!

One Simple Change: Add a punch of color to this look with a bright pair of kicks like these ones from Nike. They are the perfect shoes to celebrate the weekend after midterms in!


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