WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

What to Wear

It always happens so quickly: one minute you’re sitting in your first class of the semester, getting acquainted with your new professors and coursework, and the next minute you’re in the library attempting to cram every last bit of the information that you’ve learned up to this point into your head. As you’ve probably guessed, Fashionistas/os, I’m talking about midterms. I’m sure many of you are currently in the grueling process of studying for all of yours and therefore have no time to dedicate to planning outfits, leaving you in a flustered frenzy as you search for something to wear on the mornings of your tests. However, I suggest you put down your school notebooks and instead take a couple minutes to study up on a great getup for your midterms.

This particular Fashionista seemed to have mastered the perfect outfit for test taking. She found a balance between looking adorable and staying comfy that can be difficult to achieve, but is much needed if you want to stay true to your stylish self on the days of your midterms. Time and time again we’re told that fashion trumps function in nearly every situation. If there were ever a time where this age-old theory was less than true, it’s when you have to take a test. While taking your midterms, you need to be able to focus entirely on the material that’s in front of you. If you wear an item of clothing that’s too tight, too bunchy or makes you too hot or cold, this is going to be incredibly difficult to do. (I was the girl who wore a horribly tight and uncomfortable pink blazer to an AP exam in high school, so I speak from experience.)

That said, step away from the yoga pants and too-tight skinny jeans that always pinch your sides and instead, find a snug balance by following in this Fashionista’s footsteps. Opt for a bodycon skirt that has enough stretch to keep you comfortable. This Fashionista also seamlessly paired her skirt with a black T-shirt, black tights, gray socks and a classic pair of combat boots – all items that are comfortable and sure to be of little distraction while test taking. Perhaps one of my favorite things about this look was her ability to style a flannel shirt into the mix. The flannel serves as a cozy (and cute!) layer, but is easily removable if you get too warm while taking your test.

So if you have some midterms coming up, I strongly suggest you organize your notes, find a good study group, stock up on coffee and of course get some fashion inspiration from this Fashionista. This way, what you’re going to wear to your calculus midterm can be the least of your problems (and memorizing the quadratic equation will once again be the first). Good luck!

One Simple Change: Switch up the flannel for a leather jacket and this look makes for perfect weekend wear.


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