WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

What to Wear

As happy as we all are that spring break is approaching, we all know what it really means: midterms are upon us. While we’re longing to feel the sand between our toes and to finally get more than four hours of sleep, we are forced to endure the excruciating wait just a little longer while overwhelmed with long hours of studying and tests galore. Sleep deprived and stressed, these are the times we often give up on everything in life to focus on getting through a week of absolute torture.

When all-nighters are becoming the norm and eating has become an afterthought, it is easy to think that style should be put on the back burner. But while putting on a decent outfit can seem daunting when you haven’t slept in 48 hours, it is something that can be more important, and more simple, than it seems.

This Fashionista demonstrates the perfect way to dress for a day (or four) at the library.  During a time of stress and little sleep, you shouldn’t focus too much on elaborate outfits. Rather, keep your outfit simple with a few unique, quirky pieces thrown in the mix to make things exciting and fun even when fun is far from what you may be having.

Upon first glance, it is difficult to tell how simple this Fashionista’s outfit truly is. Although she is simply wearing a plain black shirt and black pants, her outfit seems bright and cheery. By pairing funky red combat boots with a pink puffer coat, she exudes a certain laid back stylishness that is perfect for a day spent hunched over a textbook. Additionally, her outfit provides her with enough warmth to keep her from freezing during the last days of the dreadful winter weather and to keep her motivated while she dreams of days spent on the beach. Only eight more days everyone. Stay strong.

One Simple Change: For days that are a little bit warmer, throw on a cute sweater and flats for a chic, simple look that is perfect for a balmy spring day.


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