WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

What to Wear

We’ve hit that slump in our semester, the time when midterms slap us in the face and spring break is just within reach. The weather is beyond bipolar and our confused wardrobe reflects just that. Day to day we have to check to see if it’s going to be 50 degrees or 20 below, determining if we have to bust out the winter coats or enjoy a light jacket.

This Fashionista is well prepared to take on the bipolar weather of Happy Valley, the day prior to this it was 50 degrees outside. As midterms are in full swing and our days as students are as long as ever waiting for spring break, this Fashionista comes prepared. Her look says that she’s ready to take on this day while staying comfortable.

She pairs her off white sweater with black leggings for ultimate comfort during her long day. The chestnut colored boots really pop against the black leggings and coat and also complement the color of the sweater as well. The most fun part of this winter look is the matching royal blue headband and convertible gloves – they provide a pop of color without throwing off the neutral color scheme too much. This Fashionista’s coat really adds a shape to her look as well. The belt at the waist and the overall hourglass shape of the coat really gives a feminine touch to something that has potential to look boxy and plain. Her coat is accentuating her figure and it complements that comfortable chic look of this outfit.

All of the soft textures in the garments of this Fashionista’s look really help to keep her comfortable through a day of class and exams, but the sharpness of the leather and the sleekness of her down coat really contrast to the sweater material of the headband and gloves. She has a great color combination and an amazing use of texture in this comfortable, yet cute look!

Don’t let the stress of midterms put your wardrobe in limbo. They always say “dress well to test well.”

One Simple Change: Get rid of the coat and the gloves and swap the boots for a pair of converse and you have the perfect outfit for a heat wave coming through State College this midterm season!


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