WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

What to Wear

It’s that time of year, again. No, not spring break, the time just before then that you love to forget about—midterms. Midterms mean lattes with an extra shot, a bag filled with things to munch on and, who can forget, late nights in the library. I know your wardrobe is the last thing on your mind when you’re diving into the realm of study groups and all-nighters, but sometimes dressing well can correlate to success. When you feel confident in yourself, you thrive, so boost your confidence with a little study style!

This Fashionisto has the comfortable and studious, yet fashion-forward look down. Starting with his thick woven scarf, he braves the never-ending cold with a fitted peacoat on top. During these trying times and long hours, you can never go wrong by throwing a scarf over anything. An outfit can go from sloppy to trendy with just that simple addition. Moving on, his button-up peaks out with an array of colors to brighten up the look. The outfit is made casual by this Fashionisto’s straight-leg jeans and suede loafers. He brings together comfort and style in an undeniably cool way.

Get ready for your exams with this great look. Think of spring break fun and bring in some bright colors like this Fashionisto. The blues and greens in his button-up add some light into the outfit underneath the dark hues of his coat and scarf. Follow suit and check out Vineyard Vines and J.Crew for their very bright collection of spring button-ups. Using color can not only add to the outfit but it also brightens up a dull study day.

The comfortable element of this look is what makes it perfect for midterm season. Denim is the best go-to because it is almost always a comfortable option, but also trendy and far from sloppy. Keep your coat and scarf nearby for a quick coffee run and don’t be ashamed to use your scarf as a pillow for a power nap in between the stacks.

This Fashionisto gets an A+ in fashion and you can too! I’m no scientist, but in my eyes, wearing your best to study and test is a sure way to boost your confidence and your exam grade!

One Simple Change: With a few quick changes, you can be interview ready in no time with this Fashionisto’s look! Switch out the jeans for a pair of khaki slacks and the shoes for dark brown leather loafers. Add a trendy leather briefcase to give your look a professional feel and you’re ready to go!


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