WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

What to Wear

The initial uncertainties of a new semester’s classes are starting to settle, and you might notice that the gentle ebbs and flows of your workload are starting to drown you. Cue the first stressful round of midterms, short papers, presentations and other ghastly testing mechanisms that our forefathers concocted in the laboratory of academic torture. Motivation to study can come from simply donning the right blouse, so get those synapses going by sparking your inner Fashionista.

The sublime Coco Chanel once said, Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” If there was a quote to capture what CollegeFashionista is about for me it would be this, and today’s Fashionista exudes this ideal down to a T. With a color palette that complements the iconic brick pathway of Boston University and a style that observes both New England scholarly detailing and contemporary trends, this Fashionista waves her sartorial banner high.

This Fashionista’s jacket is a quirky combination of a contemporary color blocked trench with detailing of a classic Russian fur stole. The slightly oversized fit is on the mark with the voluminous silhouettes from this season and allows for layering underneath. Wisely, this Fashionista has left it unzipped and accessorized with a scarf to keep the cold out, but also to reveal the fur collar. This outfit can be characterised as androgynous, but the luxury of the fur collar adds a subtle glam factor and femininity to the ensemble.

Her scarf picks up on the navy color of her jacket’s sleeves, but the red stripes pick up on the nutty red and brown hues in the rest of her outfit. Stripes and other graphic geometric prints are the bold newcomers from this season with designers Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton heralding them in their spring 2013 collections. If you’re not quite ready to take a graphic plunge, detailing your outfit with these graphic prints is the next best thing, like today’s Fashionista. Try this versatile scarf from ModCloth or these striking stripe print leggings from ASOS.

One of my favorite jean alternatives that came back last season are corduroy trousers. They give an alternative plush look, while still achieving the ease and comfort of an everyday pair of jeans. Corduroys come in a variety of cuts and colors. This Fashionista’s earthy terracotta pair creates a contrast in her silhouette and her outfit’s more somber colors. Her scholarly satchel in buttery tan leather complements the earthy tone of her trousers and takes her look from being pedestrian to having an academic flourish. The rectangular shape and metal clasp give an unexpected alternative to the traditional oxford satchel. Finally, her suede oxford shoes not only complete her collegiate styling, but also the pink soles give a subtle nod to her contemporary details.

One Simple Change: Take this look from the classroom to a dinner date by switching out to some tan ‘40s heels and a tailored blazer.


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