WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With a Professor

What to Wear

Unlike high school teachers, many college professors don’t have the time to get to know all of their students, especially if it’s a 200-person lecture. If you’re like me, you sit in the front of the class, ask a lot of questions and try to wear something to stand out, as if my bright red hair isn’t memorable enough. However, if you have the case of the nerves, don’t like speaking in front of class or want to sit in the back with your friends, it’s always recommended to meet with your new professor at the kick off of the semester.

This Fashionisto has perfected the studious yet memorable look, great for heading to your professor’s office hours or dropping by to introduce yourself. It’s important when meeting with your professor to act professionally and dress cleanly. This Fashionisto’s look is not wild, sloppy or inappropriate. He wears denim on denim, an extremely popular trend in men’s fashion, cuffed jeans and men’s version of boots. This Fashionisto plays with color through his choices in denim, still keeping it simple, but adding some variety. His lighter jean jacket contrasts with his dark jeans and black shirt. His worn brown shoes are the perfect complement to the several shades of blue in the look.

This Fashionisto’s accessories are what truly stood out to me as I saw him leaving class. His thick-rimmed glasses and filled backpack imply he is serious about his studies and make him stand out to his professor. His clean-cut look and studious style will be sure to make the best impression. Accessories can make or break a great outfit, so add them wisely! For a pop of color, a scarf in colors such as a deep purple or forest green would be appropriate. To intensify the range of textures even more than this Fashionisto’s look, a light brown leather messenger bag instead of his canvas backpack would be another great option for the occasion.

Take the chance and meet with your professor before his office is flocked with students trying to argue their way from a C to an A after finals. You can make your first and best impression through your choice in clothing, so take after this Fashionisto and dress scholarly!

One Simple Change: Switch out the jean jacket for a nice button-down and you have the perfect look for a casual date night!


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