WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

One of the selling points about Whittier College is the one-on-one guidance and support from our professors. Since the student to faculty ratio is 13:1, meeting with professors becomes routine. As a freshman, this task can be a bit intimidating. However by senior year, you soon realize that meeting with a professor is painless and very helpful.

One thing I always keep in mind before paying a visit is my attire. Your presentation is important because professors often have a lot of connections for internships and jobs and you want to impress them not only with your intelligence, but also with the way you present yourself. I thought this Fashionisto’s outfit was spot-on what to wear for this occasion. He found that perfect balance between formal and casual. His outfit is comfortable enough for sitting through classes, yet polished in order to make a good impression.

Recreating this Fashionisto’s look is quite simple. Start with a checkered button-down shirt such as this one from H&M. Next wear a pair of chinos in a gray color. These pants are the perfect balance between slacks and denim. For your shoes, avoid that pair you wear every single day that has a bit of wear and tear and opt for those sneakers or oxfords you keep looking like new. This Fashionisto’s shoes are what totally caught my eye! Not only were they bright white but they also had a pop of color at the bottom that showed me this guy really paid attention to the details. Complete the look with a watch in a bold color to offset the gray and blue tones of the outfit.

One Simple Change: After meeting a professor you’re sure to land an internship! Wear a casual sports jacket over this outfit for a day on the job.


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