WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Nothing will make you say “I should have gone to office hours” like reaching the end of the semester. It’s presumably a scientific fact that there’s a massive influx of students who meet with their professors and GSIs in the few weeks leading up to finals. It could also be proven that most of them look horrified and disheveled because finals are scary and this interaction has the potential to make or break them. Professors see a lot of students so it’s best to be safe and make sure you’re memorable for your outfit and not for fear-induced sobbing over the final.

Dressing up for office hours seems a little absurd, but no one’s asking you to dust off  your old prom attire for when you schedule a meeting with your professor. Though, college kids are known for turning fleece pajama pants into everyday wear so putting in the effort to look like you care goes a long way.

This Fashionisto shows that a middle ground between sweatpants and black tie apparel that can easily be achieved, and it’s also the perfect way to present yourself to someone grading that exam you only spent a half hour studying for. He layers a white T-shirt underneath a nautical-inspired white-and-navy striped cardigan. He pairs this with light khakis and a gray jacket with a relaxed fit. It’s a simple and polished look that will make him stand out for all the right reasons when he meets with his prof.

This semester may be over, but there will always be another panicked end-of-the-term meeting with a professor. We might as well plan these outfits now because we’ll probably be too frazzled to do so when the time comes. And this effort does, in fact, make all the difference.

One Simple Change: I’m ready for fall to be here again (you can leave, winter) and am already dreaming of tailgating apparel. For a tailgate, he could switch out his cardigan for a crewneck sweatshirt — Michigan, of course.


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