WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Am I the only one that dresses like other people when I know I’m going to meet them? That doesn’t mean I abandon my own style, but say, if I’m meeting a super glam friend I’ll throw on some lipstick, and if I’m meeting a more eclectic friend, I might wear all my animal jewelry. Likewise, when I’m going to meet a professor, I tend to dress more professorially. Now of course there’s no standard uniform for professors especially across departments, but since I am mostly in the humanities, there tend to be emergent trends, namely button-downs, sweaters, boots and blazers (regardless of gender).

This Fashionista’s outfit is great because she incorporates tweed, a collar, brown leather and boots — all common themes among professors. However, her outfit is still fresh and her own with her funky printed tights, buckled boots and monogrammed necklace. Her outfit also feels very autumnal as we move into the last few days of fashion’s favorite season. While her outfit is appropriate for a number of occasions, there is something really appealing about seeing it in an academic setting.

I think that dressing like someone is at once flattering, fun and practical. As long as you’re not totally biting someone else’s style, integrating other people’s style into your own is a personal way of paying homage to the person. Additionally, it is super fun to try on identities not your own — it’s essentially a way of getting to play dress up on a regular basis. Lastly, it is a good way to gauge how formal or casual you want to be for an occasion (my economics major roommate always wore business attire to work while I usually wore Converse to the office). But if the professor you’re going to meet dresses sloppily, that doesn’t mean you should too!

Having grown up with a professor as a father and having a sister that is a professor-in-training, I am privileged to observe how professorially attire functions across generations. While my dad wears ties to class, my sister has a predilection for funky bow ties and nerdy glasses. I love both of their styles and usually incorporate aspects of both into my own style, which already incorporates a lot of sweaters.

One Simple Change: For a girl’s night out after finals week, swap the coat for a motorcycle jacket and downsize the bag.

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