WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Meeting with any individual of superior status can be a daunting date to plan for, and what to wear for such a meeting has the potential to pose a mentally debilitating task. In particular, meeting with a professor can present a tricky juxtaposition in the case of your style. Since a professor rides the line of both professional adviser and colleague, your style must ride that line as well.

I spotted this Fashionisto across the street and was instantaneously intrigued by his outfit. From across the way, I felt drawn to his effortless sophistication. His put together demeanor is perfect for meeting with a professor. In which case, when creating an outfit of your own, the same effortless feel should be emulated.

The look of his gray coat gives off a very masculine feel to the ensemble. The stiffness of the fabric lends itself well to the overall structure of the ensemble. Moreover, the structure in the collar gives the outfit angular dimension, enhancing the overall masculinity and intrigue of the ensemble.

While the concept of adding color doesn’t always get a great rep and can sometimes scare men away from experimentation, this Fashionisto shows no fear in heading his outfit with this pair of dark red corduroys and yellow sneakers. I always applaud a guy that can play with color while maintaining an air of sophistication. Together, the red and yellow work really well against the gray coat. Not only that, but the pants add textural contrast. The shoes are a nice touch simply because they do not overwhelm the color scheme of the ensemble. Rather, the sneakers keep the outfit relaxed and not so uptight.

Instead of a tight-rope act, this Fahsionisto is on his game. He is walking the line of effortless professionalism with confidence and doesn’t appear wobbly in the least.

One Simple Change: For the Holidays, this outfit is ideal. It is comfortable for extended periods of chatting with family at the dinner table while still remaining presentable enough for a family photo. One simple change would be to swap the yellow sneakers for a pair of brown oxford dress shoes. This adds a dressier feel to the overall look. Some festive holiday socks would also be a fun added touch!



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