WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Slowly but surely, the semester is coming to an end. Unfortunately, that means that office hours will be packed, papers will need editing, tests will be taken and mass amounts of caffeine will be consumed (although the coffee part isn’t all that bad in my opinion). For all of you outgoing people out there, stopping in to see a professor is nothing new. Maybe you have been to office hours already this semester at least once or twice. For you introverts, Meeting With A Professor can be something that is utterly dreadful. Meetings can be awkward, drawn out or just down right frustrating. A professor can seem intimidating and if you’re not one for intimate conversation, meetings can induce a bit of anxiety. Thus, preparation is key.

Building a relationship with a professor is important and can be advantageous upon entering the workforce. You can throw the stigma associated with being the teacher’s pet out the window; that kind of behavior is praised in college! Whether you like it or not, showing interest in what a professor is teaching and their personal interests will benefit you in the long run. Knowing what you need help with and what you are going to say during a meeting is crucial, and presenting yourself in a confident manner is imperative as well.

Going for a confident and casual look is perfect for Meeting With A Professor. Take note from this Fashionista who is mastering a professional, yet casual appearance. Her outfit is perfect for cold fall days and encompasses several staple pieces. By pairing solids and prints, her look is unique and she is making some bold stylistic statements. Her polka-dot dress is great for dressing to impress. Covered and kept warm with a gray crewneck and a vintage denim jacket, this Fashionista knows exactly what she is doing. Her tall leather boots are a great addition to the look. Topped off with a pair of thick-rimmed specs, she gives of a scholarly vibe.

Don’t get the jitters when your Meeting With A Professor rolls around. It will help you, not hurt you. I promise!

One Simple Change: Swap the denim jacket for a longer wool peacoat. There are so many fun printed patterns out this season and they are perfect for keeping warm in the winter.


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