WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

As the second semester goes into play, things start to get serious academically. New classes start, friends talk about their breaks and everyone gets back into the swing of school. As much as you’d rather be sleeping peacefully in your bed at your dorm, it’s time to get serious, everyone. Meeting with professors is crucial for getting on their good side and so is looking good for it.

This Fashionisto sure proves that you can look good even when the intimidation of meeting with a superior is on your to-do list for the day. To plan your outfit, make sure that it is a great representation of yourself. Put on jeans that are comfortable and stylish. These jeans give this Fashionisto an edge but still a look saying that sweatpants were not on his mind when picking out an outfit. Not only will the professor be impressed, but so will everyone around you!

Up next is to find a coat that will keep you warm in this Michigan winter wind. This coat goes to show that even though it’s bigger, it still gives you that protection and stylish look. Zip up an edgy coat and you’re good to go for keeping warm and put together.

Who says girls are the only ones that like to accessorize? This Fashionisto pulls off a scarf that sure says, “I know what I’m wearing and I know how to wear it.”

This Fashionisto’s shoes gives him an updated look and pulls everything together. Picking out the right pair of shoes for any occasion is perfect, but when stomping through the cold and having to impress someone, picking neutral colors and matching them with the rest of your outfit makes you look sophisticated and put together.

One Simple Change: Putting on a button-down and meeting with your professor would put you in his star student book for showing that you take things seriously and have respect. Not only could you use this outfit for your professor, a button-down can make this outfit appealing for a casual date night.


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