WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

When starting new classes it is a must to get to know your professors. Getting to know your professors creates a great environment for your studies; they are a perfect resource for help on school work as well as wonderful references for future careers.

When meeting your professors you want to make a great impression. You never want to appear unkempt because as the famous Tom Ford once said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” It is polite to show professors that you took the time to look professional and put together and that you appreciate their time.

Looking professional and put together doesn’t mean you have to throw on your boring pantsuit. You can definitely look poised while still showing off your own style, like this Fashionista for example.

This Fashionista is wearing a casual pair of cropped jeans with ballet flats and a beautiful floral blouse. Her ensemble radiates her bold personality through her brightly colored blouse. This Fashionista won’t blend in because she picked such a bold and fun outfit!

There are two key guidelines your outfit must follow when meeting with a professor, but outside of those guidelines you have the freedom to dress your outfit up with your own flare. First, you want to make sure your outfit is appropriate; don’t wear too tight of clothes or too low of a blouse. Second, make sure the clothes you are wearing are ironed and polished — you don’t want to walk into a meeting in a wrinkled outfit.

I like how this Fashionista kept everything fairly basic except her shirt. It gives the outfit a focal point. The shirt is the center piece of a very clean and professional outfit. This can also be done with a pair of patterned pants and a basic colored blouse. You could have even more fun with this styling technique and pick an all basic ensemble but pair it with bright jewelry and cool shoes. All of which are great outfits and when done right like this Fashionista, appear refined and perfect for a meeting with a professor.

One Simple Change: Are you meeting with a merchandising or textile professor? If so, throw on a pair of boyfriend fit crop pants and a pointed toe kitten heel or a graphic T-shirt and platform sneakers to show off your trendy side.


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