WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

With the semester dwindling down and endless afternoons at the sunny terrace within our reach, it can be hard to focus on our studies. However, we must buckle down and finish our remaining papers and projects with flying colors. Now is also a great time to make a stop by your professor’s office during to discuss grades as well as the looming final exam. While a meeting such as this isn’t an extremely formal affair, you should dress professionally and look put together to send the message that you are a serious student who cares deeply about their grade. This Fashionista demonstrates an ensemble that is perfect for meeting with any professor of yours.

Blazers are a go-to item for situations in which you wish to look professional. When walking into your professor’s office, he or she will immediately recognize that you are a serious pupil. I love this Fashionista’s choice of blazer because while it is well tailored and structured, the bright pop of color offers a bit of fun personality and the opportunity for self-expression. This lace top is a great companion to a blazer because the fabric drapes beautifully due to the pleating in the bodice, offering volume and dimension in her ensemble. Lace’s connotation, specifically when in a white or light color, is that of class and timelessness, which are positive traits to portray in your ensemble. To keep this outfit on the casual side, you can pair these two items with denim like this Fashionista did.

Since you want to keep the conversation on your studies, keep your accessories to a minimum as to not distract from the topic of conversation. Simple rings such as the ones with Fashionista slipped onto her fingers are perfect. This Fashionista’s choice of a neutral nail polish keeps her hands looking clean and classic. For footwear, neutral flats are the way to go. I’m a fan of this Fashionista’s espadrilles because they are laid back and contrast nicely with the structure of the blazer.

With an ensemble like this, any Fashionista is sure to make a positive impression during a meeting with her professor.

One Simple Change: If you have an end of the year school banquet to attend in the evening, all you have to do is change into a midi skirt, like this affordable option from ASOS. The hemline is appropriate and the silhouette is very on-trend. You can also add a fashion-forward statement necklace to act as a conversation starter for those mingling and networking situations you may find yourself in during the night.


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