WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With a Professor

What to Wear

In all my years as a student, I’ve never been one to take offense when being called a “teacher’s pet.” Though I’d like to believe that each one of my professors knows exactly who I am (or at least recognizes my signature mermaid hair), the truth is there are just too many students for our teachers to automatically know us all on an individual level. I’ll never forget the advice my mother gave me on the first day of my freshman year — it wasn’t to get a good night’s sleep or eat a substantial breakfast (though I did get plenty of reminders to do so), it was to sit in the front of the class and initiate a personal relationship with my professors.

Even though I hate to admit it, mama definitely knows best! Creating relationships with your teachers can help in so many ways, especially when you’re getting ready to graduate. We all know how important it is to keep tabs on our grades and make sure we understand things we may have missed during lectures — notably on those days when Instagram just seems far more fascinating than Communication Theory. Visiting your teachers and establishing a relationship outside of class is one of the most important things you can do as a student, and you can look stylish doing it.

I spotted this Fashionista looking eclectic and trendy on her way to a meeting with her photography instructor. Sporting a low-back printed maxi dress, she obviously understood that an appointment with an authoritative figure requires a more put together getup than normal. She kept her look wintery by pairing her maxi with some worn-in leather combat boots, a thick infinity scarf and a slouchy knit beret. With her fringed shoulder bag and kelly green nails, she exuded a boho hipster vibe while still presenting herself in a professional manner. With an outfit so cute, she was sure to be noticed and more importantly, remembered!

One Simple Change: While I am always a sucker for a bold cotton maxi dress, sometimes the weather doesn’t allow us to rock such a piece until March or April. Fear not, Fashionistas, for there is an easy fix at our fingertips. Layering a chunky knit cardigan over your maxi is an easy way to add a hippie element to your ensemble while also adding some serious warmth. A cute sweater can also act as an additional piece of coverage, which is always important when attending a meeting with a teacher. Play it safe and save your V-necks and mini shorts for a night out with the girls. Dress to impress and you’re bound for success.


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