WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting with a Professor

What to Wear

The winter semester has passed its middle mark; classes are in full swing and summer plans are on the minds of Umich students everywhere. As we prepare for the end of the semester and what we are going to do once it is over, a visit to your professor may be on the agenda. Whether you have a question about the final paper coming up or are in need of a letter of recommendation (internship and interview season is here!), setting up a time to meet or visiting those coveted office hours is a must. This Fashionista shows you how to style a perfect professional, yet casual outfit for meeting up with your professor.

She wears a light pink basic button-down shirt underneath a tan cardigan. I love the way she cuffs her sleeves over the cardigan; adding a little pop of color. To accent the plain look of her two basic pieces, this Fashionista adds an adorable flower statement necklace. Although it is always best to keep your look professional, it also never hurts to add some fun accessories. By keeping her outfit simple with two basic pieces, she is able to successfully incorporate the unique necklace and still look professional.

Although skirts and dress pants are usually our go-to styles when looking to make an impression, this Fashionista does just that with a simple pair of dark skinny jeans. The dark color is a great minimalistic touch to her light colored tops and accessories. And the slim-fit keeps her look sleek and professional. She completes her outfit with a sturdy pair of dark brown combat boots. Although rather casual, the simplicity of her boots keeps her impressionable look intact.

When it comes to meeting with professors, styling outfits that will make a lasting impression is always a must. However, creating these looks does not have to mean boring dress pants. Instead, simple, yet professional looks are done easily with some basic pieces and the right accessories.

One Simple Change: Spring is definitely in the Ann Arbor air. To make this look perfect for a warm weather girls’ night out, try layering the tan cardigan over a simple pink A-line dress. You will look cute and chic for a fun night with the girls!


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