WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With a Professor

What to Wear

Dressing up for a meeting with a professor is like dressing up for a toned-down version of a job interview. You still want to look professional out of respect for the person you are meeting, but a professor wouldn’t mind seeing more personality if they’re meeting up one-on-one with you. All college students should know that creating close ties with your professors, especially those in your major’s department, is an incredible way to not only learn more, but get you’re name out to employers and gather connections—which is something very important when building a career.

I found this Fashionista leaving the library, and I fell in love with her entire ensemble. Simply put, it was a harmony of femme and preppy that was clean and professional enough that anyone would have thought she had a presentation to give or someone relatively important to meet. Either way, she added her own twist to the pencil skirt/blazer combo, which reflected her sweet personality that I very briefly got to know.

Adding personality to an outfit can be quite effortless for the stylish person. Doing so would include mixing and matching colors and patterns and adding accessories. Here, we have exactly that. Her navy polka-dot skirt and white, lace blouse created a nice, clean outfit that is perfect for either a date to coffee or a day at the office. By adding her adorable blush-pink blazer, it added an extra spark of femininity in her look. Underneath she layers on tights, because we’re in the transition from winter to spring, and she struts her stuff with her tan plain-toed oxford shoes. And lastly, she wraps her hair into a hot pink headband creating a super cute updo, and then she tops it off with a white, lace bow. I mean, who could go wrong with a bow?

One Simple Change: Dump the tights, shoes, and headband and opt in some stylish heels for a cute and flirty look perfect for a casual date night.



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