WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Have you ever turned in a test convinced you’ve aced it? You knew every question on that bad boy, and any grade less than 100 would be shocking. When it’s finally time to get the exams back, you pity all those students sweating it. You’re cool as a cucumber until your professor hands you your D+?! How can this be? You were sure you killed those multiple choices, demolished the true/false questions and wrote an essay good enough to make Shakespeare proud. This grade must be a mistake, which means it’s time for one of the most dreaded college experiences—a meeting with the professor.

Luckily, I’ve found a Fashionisto with the perfect professional look needed to impress the toughest of teachers. His choice of navy blue slacks is a great start to the outfit. And, if opting for pants nicer than sweats doesn’t impress your professor enough, go for a classy button-down shirt. This Fashionisto’s long sleeve plaid shirt incorporates the dark blue from his pants. The white accents of his Eddie Bauer shirt are a bright contrast and keep the outfit from looking too monochromatic. By keeping the shirt untucked, he doesn’t come across as “trying too hard,” yet he still maintains his professionalism by buttoning it to the neck.

A great way to add some pizzazz to an outfit is to choose a funky shoe. These amazing black-heeled boots with etched detail wake up the whole look. They’re a great completion to his ensemble. With an outfit like this you’re sure to impress any professor you come across. Who knows, he or she might even bump your grade up a bit thanks to the style points you’ll be racking up.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit perfect for a casual date night, simply cuff up the sleeves and swap the pants for some dark-wash blue jeans. Throw on a brown leather jacket for added flair, and if your date gets cold you’ll have a stylish way to warm her up.


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