WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

With midterms next on many Tulane students’ agendas, it becomes necessary to meet with the select few who have the distinction of making our tests—our professors! Going to office hours can be intimidating. While our classes here are on the smaller, more intimate side—especially when you get to the higher levels, talking one-on-one with your teacher has the ability to psych many of us out. But, oftentimes it’s most helpful to receive guidance from the people who know the material best.

While what we have to say is perhaps the most important aspect of this meeting, what we wear also impacts our professor’s opinion of us. The saying goes your first impression is your last impression; making it crucial to reflect your aptitude and abilities based off what you’re wearing. This Fashionista shows that not only is she capable to take on the task at hand, but she can do so in style.

Her moss green pants paired with her brown combat boots and polished, wool navy coat reads responsible, efficient and prepared. Taking a cue from a J.Crew lookbook, her outfit is not only well put together but also incredibly chic when paired with her perfect, subtle red lip.  All in all, this Fashionista shows us that through the use of quality pieces perfectly paired together you can pull off any look with ease.

One Simple Change: Heading to an actual interview? Switch out the combat boots for a low-heeled brown bootie and put on a cream blouse to go under the wool coat—still keeping the look polished just less casual.


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