WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Oh hot damn. It’s important to appear classy and calm when speaking with a professor. Whether it’s a meeting to pull up that B+ to an A- or a problem with sleeping in class, try to look well put together. This Fashionista created a beautiful, elegant outfit that flatters her curves. Let’s start with her hair. Her super tight ponytail makes her appear professional right from the start. No loose curls here. Pulling your hair back in a bun or ponytail can give off the perfect polished vibe.

She keeps her outfit unified by working the sleek all-black look. Black is a great and simple color to work with because it’s slimming and matches almost everything. Her tight tank top flatters her hips and appears to be connected to her black leggings. Personally, I have always loved wearing leggings and think every Fashionista should have a pair or two of plain black leggings in her closet. They’re extremely comfortable and can be worn with an old sweatshirt or something more clean-cut like the Fashionista’s outfit above. In the winter, fleece-lined leggings can keep the legs warm.

She ends the outfit with a black pair of shiny, knee-high boots. Any pair of dark colored shoes would have worked with this outfit, though. Because it was put together with a few solid colors, she left herself a variety of options for shoes. However, knee-high boots tend to appear more professional than a pair of combat boots or Dr. Martens.

Her cardigan suits her darker skin tone nicely. Cardigans can be worn for a casual lunch with friends or a serious meeting with a professor. However, the color is definitely important. Some colors clash with different skin tones, but her choice of a bright orange-red complements her skin and adds color to what might have ben an otherwise average outfit. This Fashionista is ready to get down to business.

One Simple Change: Switch out the cardigan for a blue blazer to make the outfit perfect for a formal.


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