WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Macklemore, the lyrical genius he is, recently tweeted, “Don’t make excuses, make improvements.” What was my first thought? “Easy for you to say Macklemore, seeing as how you and your career are improving tremendously with each day passing.” Shortly following that I had my second thought, “Although it is very easy for him to say, there’s no reason it should be hard for me to say.” With every opportunity, struggle or obstacle that comes my way, I’ve been trying to think of how to improve myself rather than suck the negatives out of each situation.

As we move further into the semester, it is officially time to schedule audits, appointments and meetings with all of our slightly intimidating professors.  Instead of finding every excuse to get out of it, get excited and take advantage of the professors that want to help you! As far as you Fashionistas go, the chic yet professional outfit is on top of your priority list. First thing’s first, dress appropriate. I don’t care what school you go to, your professor’s office isn’t at the night club, or the local bar. Tight, low cut clothing is out, and if you wear it you might as well kiss your careers goodbye.

This Fashionista focused on neutrals. Remember that wearing overly exotic, revealing or busy clothes will take the professors focus away from you. Be sure to dress sophisticated, professional and fashionable to make a bold statement when you walk into the office. Your outfit, more than likely, will be the first thing your professor notices about you when you walk in. Be sure to make a statement that says, “Why yes, I look like I walked out of a Vogue magazine but I’m also remarkably serious about my education and career.” This Fashionista captured a professional look by adding a sweet and serious cream peacoat to a classic black outfit. She added a cute pair of Coach boots to dress the outfit up just a tad.

In my opinion, this Fashionista’s most important accessory is her bag. This classic, oversized bag was purchased from a local boutique in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s just the right size for a Fashionista’s necessities. Not only this, but you don’t have to worry about lugging a bunch of papers through the snowy conditions. It acts as though it’s a briefcase, but resembles a high-end couture bag.

Now that you’ve mastered the perfect outfit, get ready for a perfect meeting. Remember to stay positive and use your obstacles as opportunities!

One Simple Change: Once the weather warms up, swap the boots out for some classy pumps. Cute and classy heels are a perfect addition to any outfit.


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