WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

What to Wear

Ah, the power of a button-down. I find them to be one of the most versatile creatures that inhabit my closet. I like mine a bit oversized and worn in, but I can always appreciate a nice, crisp one peeking out of a sweater. If one looks at them with an open mind and without the idea that they are only a preppy garment, button-downs can adapt to many different styles. Along with being suitable for a myriad of styles, these tops can be worn for all types of occasions. Today’s Fashionista is donning a look that would be perfect for a meeting with a professor, thanks to her black and white button-down and crisp Dr. Martens.

Even though the semester has just begun, there are still reasons to stop by your professor’s office hours. Some students stop by to ensure that professors remember who they are or because they’re already confused about their latest writing assignment. I assure you a reason will come up to check in at office hours. To make sure you’re not remembered for the wrong reasons, take some notes from today’s Fashionista. Her button-down and sweater duo keep her modest, but still chic while her shoes give off a professionally casual vibe. Opting for a backpack over a tote bag is completely fine since after all, you are a student with classes to get to.

Getting dressed to meet with a professor does not have to be overly professional and boring. Just stay closer to the modest end of the spectrum and welcome the idea that button-downs and classy shoes are powerful tools. If you’re a fan of the black and white color scheme, rock this leopard print button-down with a black cardigan, skinny jeans and cute oxfords. For those of you who can’t wear anything without color, opt for this mustard chiffon button-down. Pair it with a burgundy sweater and leopard print loafers and your professor definitely won’t forget you.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista swaps out the cardigan for a red cable knit sweater, she’ll have school spirit. It would be a great outfit to wear during welcome week!


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