WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

What to Wear

Relationships can be confusing, heartbreaking and amazing but the hardest and biggest test of a relationship is meeting the parents. In my family, we have a rule that the potential boyfriend has to ask my dad permission before they can date one of his daughters. These conversations usually start with my dad saying, “Let’s go to the garage where I keep my gun.” Needless to say, bringing a guy home is nerve-wracking for everyone. When meeting your significant other’s parents, it is important to dress to impress, be a mannered and basically better version of yourself.

When picking out what you’re going to wear, you have to think about how important first impressions are. For girls, summer dresses or jeans and a cute blouse are equally appropriate. We’re lucky and have it pretty easy since moms are usually happy about their son’s having a girlfriend. For all the guys out there, I’m really sorry for everything you have to go through. If you have any tattoos, cover them. Any piercings? Take them out. To win parents over, you must always be polite and well spoken. Button-up shirts are always a good choice. They are the perfect combination of dressy and casual so you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. Twill pants, like this Fashionisto has on, are preferable but dark wash jeans can look just as good.

Although some guys won’t admit that shoes are important to them, they are, and they definitely should be when meeting the parents. This Fashionisto is sporting some Vans. They are a great trendy and appropriate pick, especially over old sneakers that some guys think are great for every occasion. Since it’s starting to finally get sunny out again, it’s time to break out the shades. These Oakley’s look great on this Fashionisto and, unlike old sneakers, can be worn anywhere and still look good.

Next time you get the awesome opportunity to meet the parents, make sure you follow some of these simple tips to make your visit (and relationship) a whole lot easier!

One Simple Change: Swap the pants for some jeans and take off the button-up so you just have a T-shirt on and you’ll be all ready to go to class or have a casual date night!


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