WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

What to Wear

Meeting the parents – an occasion that poses as much awkwardness as it poses a fashion challenge. Although this occasion calls for looking like a lady, it is important to stay true to oneself. After all, isn’t that what relationships should be about?

Nevertheless, CollegeFashionista cannot completely remove the inevitable awkwardness of meeting the parents. To ease some of the stress, follow this Fashionista’s sartorial lead. Contrasted against subtle black pieces, her feminine skirt is a stand out. The bold print is classic, yet the A-line style ensures the definition of her waist. To keep this ladylike piece center stage, this Fashionista layers a black T-shirt underneath and opts for tights to cover her legs. The shearling jacket is a warmer ladylike alternative to a leather jacket. The jacket prevents her skirt from becoming too formal and the flat shoes ground her look in comfort without taking away from her feminine style. For personal touches, this Fashionista embraces her glasses, choosing a large thick-rimmed style. Her name necklace further adds to the adorable element of the look, making the floral skirt seem like a genuine fashion choice – rather than a completely calculated one.

Although picking pieces you genuinely adore is important, it is better to air on the side of modesty when meeting the parents. In order to still look attractive (and avoid a nunnery vibe), tights are key. Tights remind onlookers that there are still legs there, without shouting it from the rooftops of the parents’ home. Skirt-wise, pick a floral print aA-line or this slimmer fitting one from Ted Baker. As long as the skirt hits around the knee and legs are covered by tights, it’s a golden look. Remember to keep the rest of the look monochromatic, just so the eye does not become overwhelmed. Even though this Fashionista chose a black base for her outfit, other neutral colors such as beige and burgundy would also be appropriate. To keep out the light Scottish chill, a shearling jacket like this Fashionista’s or a cropped trench coat would be appropriate. Although this option from All Saints is pricey, it exudes glamour and is the type of piece that will last forever. For the finishing touches, only wear glasses if they’re prescription – appearing genuine to the parents is imperative. Although this Fashionista’s plastic name necklace is cute, a metal monogram piece would fit this look even better.

One Simple Change: Not as girly as this Fashionista? Swap the skirt for some trousers in a standout stripe.


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