WHAT TO WEAR: Meet The Parents

What to Wear

We’ve all heard the saying about first impressions…they last a lifetime. There are few things more intimidating than meeting the parents of your significant other. Not only do you have to show up with your best etiquette and a smile, but you also have to make sure you are dressed the part as well. While this sounds stressful now, with tips and ideas from this Fashionista’s look you will be hearing wedding bells ringing in no time!

When dressing to go meet the parents you want to avoid club attire at all costs. Yes I understand that tight dresses and stilettos are fun for a GNO, but they are in no way appropriate for an occasion of this stature. This Fashionista completely nailed the look by wearing this Forever 21 aqua halter dress with a tribal print. This was the perfect mix of casual and dressy leaving her looking effortlessly chic.

Always keep in mind that your shoes are an extreme focal point of almost any outfit. This Fashionista did an excellent job at remembering this when she chose to slide on a pair of nude Tory Burch sandals. This stylish shoe was a great choice seeing that they portray classiness and do not draw attention away from the patterns of the dress.

Accessorizing before you walk out the door can not be stressed enough! This gold Michael Kors watch was a great call and it paired nicely with her tan Michael Kors tote. Wearing more neutral accessories verses bold allowed them to correspond accordingly with her outfit.

Pulling from this Fashionistas style and blending it with your own will help you to develop an outfit that will surely leave a positive impression. As stressful as it may seem at the time, try to remember to stay calm, cool and collected and you will become a favorite of theirs in no time!

One Simple Change: Add a few bangles to go along with your watch. This will allow your outfit to be taken for a casual date night post meeting the parents!


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