WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

What to Wear

So you have finally found that special someone who you feel a deep connection with— what comes next after meeting all of their friends and spending every waking minute together? The dreaded family introductions. Millions of questions begin to come to mind. Will they like me? What should I say? How should I act? Finally the most important question of all, what should I wear?!

It is important to wear something that will impress the parents, without sending off wrong signals. This Fashionista surly mastered the look. By donning an appropriate length skirt, she manages to look classy and sophisticated with the perfect essence of girly. On top of it, this Fashionista rocked the classic black and white patterned striped blouse, which was a great contrast against the bright red skirt. To keep this look classy and parent appropriate she put on a pair of black tights with flat leather boots. Wearing heels could easily turn this outfit from classic to trying too hard. The statement necklace and array of bangles keep this look youthful, and are great conversation starters. Any stylish mother would quickly connect with this Fashionista and be eager to learn her styling secrets!

So when it is your turn to meet your significant other’s parents do not fret! Keep it classy and fun. Wear skirts of appropriate lengths and shirts that do not plunge beneath the collar bone. Dress this outfit up with a pair of patterned stockings if you are afraid to wear a red skirt like this. Keep to these classic looks and you will have the parents eager to have you back again!

One Simple Change: Instead of a skirt, try wearing a pair of colored skinny jeans and you have a great look for a night out with some girlfriends.


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