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Well, dears, winter break is reaching its unfortunate end, which means it is time to head back to school. As much as I would like to deny the reality of college responsibilities (8 AM classes, tests, papers and all that loveliness), I cannot live in blissful holiday oblivion any longer. As spring semester barrels towards me at neck-breaking speed, I concede to the incoming semester and all that comes with it. Luckily, I shall spend the second-half of my junior year in London, so I am, in fact, eagerly anticipating the first day of classes. The Associate Director of the Notre Dame London Program has drilled into those of us heading across the pond that study abroad classes are no easier than classes at our great university, so I anticipate spending ample time at the library. Many students resort to sweatpants and a T-shirt during the unavoidable library days, which results in an emanating sigh from style-conscious souls everywhere.

So, how do you maintain a stylish appearance without letting your affinity for fashion get in the way of your studies?

It is imperative not to mistake minimalism for simplicity. While the latter is drab and basic, minimalism is effortlessly artsy. This Fashionista embodies the art of style with ease by throwing together a pale blue collared-shirt and tan sweater combo with dark blue jeggings and vintage hipster boots. The minimalistic look allows this Fashionista’s trendy self to subtly shine through and allows her to study without distraction. By choosing not to accessorize, hands and wrists are kept free from rings and bracelets that can sometimes be annoying when writing papers and taking notes. The lack of adornment also means the absence of jingling jewelry, which silence-loving library-goers will appreciate immensely.

The best part of this outfit is its comfort and efficiency. The brilliancy of jeggings is its ability to combine the equivalency of sweatpant-coziness with the permanently in vogue jeans. Thus, jeggings grant comfort-loving Fashionistas, like me, with the best of both worlds. This outfit also supports the fast-paced life of college students. Putting on a collared-shirt and sweater and then slipping into jeggings and boots won’t take more than two minutes tops!

If you’re in a hurry to get to the library once school starts, but still want to look cool and chic, snag this Fashionista’s ensemble by purchasing jeggings from American Eagle or Target. And then steal a snug sweater from your boyfriend’s closet or rock your own sweater to wear on top of a collared-shirt. If you’re not digging layered clothing, you can buy a collar necklace from Forever 21 to wear in lieu of a shirt underneath. Finally, lace up some boots or slide into flats and, voila, you’re ready to study in style!

One Simple Change: This outfit also works for casual interviews. Just swap the boots with flats and head from the library to your interview!


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