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Temperatures are starting to rise all over the United States as summer continues into July. If your hometown is anything like mine, you know that the 100-degree weather and sweltering heat has already arrived. Fortunately, Sin City has been having nice weather as of lately. While the pool is always a designated spot to keep cool, the library can also be a great place to pick up the hottest summer read and avoid the heat.

There is nothing like catching up on books that you have been dying to read all school year. If there is one thing that we can appreciate about summer, it’s the free time we have to read all the books we desire instead of pesky textbooks.

While dropping off some books at the local library, I spotted this Fashionisto in chill and casual attire. The Fashionisto’s red Reeboks are what initially caught my eye. I liked how the red in his shoes and baseball cap kept consistency in his outfit. I also liked how his gray joggers made him look comfortable. Whenever I visit my local library, I spend hours perusing the selves; making the use of comfort here completely necessary.

It was also cool how this Fashinisto’s blue and gray baseball shirt contrasted well with the blue flannel he wore. Sometimes it can get chilly in libraries, so a flannel shirt is the perfect item to wear to keep warm without having to bring a jacket.

Finally, our Fashionisto’s baseball cap and gold chain were the perfect accessories to complete this look without taking away from the rest of the outfit. Overall, I loved how every piece that this Fashionisto wore flowed together. Not one piece was too outlandish, and he managed to keep everything chic and comfortable.

One Simple Change: Exchanging the flannel for a zip-up hoodie would make this the perfect attire for a weekend getaway. Whether you are road tripping to Los Angeles for the weekend or hitting up Lake Havasu, comfort is the number one goal for a long car ride. You will be comfortable and at ease, while cruising down the highway to your weekend destination.


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