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While most college students are basking in their newfound freedom, unfortunately around my neck of the woods, finals week has only just begun. Almost everywhere I look, I either see one of my fellow peers drowning in an anatomy textbook or ordering yet another venti iced coffee with three shots of espresso (yikes!). Although this is most definitely a time of year the majority of college students dread, there’s something bittersweet about this point in the semester, for the effortless days of summer are just around the corner (images of white sandy beaches coming to mind?). In order to make it through endless amount of exams, it’s inevitable that you will find yourself spending the majority of your days in the campus library. While you might immediately feel the need to gravitate towards the nearest pair of sweatpants, resist the urge, for in situations like these, it’s best to leave the loungewear on the shelf.

In the midst of my finals week daze, I spotted this Fashionista sporting an ensemble that truly gave the sea of workout gear that has taken over my campus a run for its money. The comfort of a pair of yoga pants may be undeniable, but donning a pair truly won’t be the cure for your finals week blues. Take a few styling cues from this Fashionista and deviate from the norm by opting for a chambray button-down instead. Other than being a staple in spring fashion, shirts like this are the perfect piece to appear put-together when you’re feeling an overwhelming amount of pre-finals stress. As tempting as those leggings hanging in your closet may seem, for a day spent studying, opt for a pair of denim jeggings to master a more sartorial worthy look. With the final addition of your comfiest flats and your carry-all backpack, a couple of hours at the library might not be that much of a drag.

One Simple Change: Heading out for a weekend getaway? Ditch the jeggings and sport a pair of denim shorts around for a look that’s totally beach worthy.


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