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Whether it’s midterms or just your regular load of classwork and accompanying tests, the library is a major hot spot for most college students. We go there to escape our roommates who are either driving us crazy, or who are just too fun to resist. We also go there to force ourselves into focusing and being productive. It may seem a little far-fetched, but wearing the right outfit can help prevent you from entering into the downward spiral of procrastination we all know so well.

The most important factor in your library-bound outfit is comfort. It is important to be wearing clothes somewhere between pajamas/sweatpants and stilettos/pencil skirts. Make sure your outfit allows you to curl up with your textbook, and doesn’t have any itchy tags or constricting fabrics. If you wear something uncomfortable in the library, you’ll be constantly annoyed and distracted by your clothes; which, in turn, will make you lose your focus and time.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect look for a day or night of studying. She’s got on an effortlessly cool, but entirely comfortable look that she can move around in. She combines a pair of dark wash jeans with a black tankloose cardigan and leather boots for a simple to reconstruct look. She manages to be ready for the library without looking like she’s also ready for bed (no pajamas please!).

Finish off a simple look like this by adding on your favorite delicate jewelry, as this Fashionista did. Layer simple gold necklaces and bracelets to complete the look.

One Simple Change: Swap the jeans for a pair of black leggings, and ditch the boots for your perfect rainy day lounging outfit!


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