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Finals will be approaching before we know it, and the third floor of Library West will become facier than ever. You know, the Law Library is actually becoming the hot spot too. I personally have been going to Law Library. It is by Fraternity Row, so… Anyway, with so many familiar faces at every corner you turn, you have to dress like you didn’t just roll out of bed and drink five cups of coffee. The best thing about Library West is that there is a Starbucks, so you can refill your drink every five minutes if necessary. The worst thing about Library West is the Starbucks line. You just want to start your adventure of scouting for a seat, but you’re stuck in the line that’s 15 minutes long — the struggle.

Today’s Fashionista was spotted at the bus stop heading to the library. She wore a colorful sorority tank top with a skull on it. Looking down at the colors while in the library could possibly wake you up a bit. She put a cardigan over the tank top to stay warm. Instead of just wearing a sweatshirt, you have the option of taking off the cardigan. She also wore lululemon leggings, which are a must for the library! They’re so comfortable and don’t make your legs itchy. In addition, the combat boots were a nice touch to make the outfit look a little less casual.

One Simple Change: To go straight from the library to a work out at the gym, you could ditch the cardigan and switch out the combat boots for Nikes.


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