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Just because you’re spending a full 12 hours at the library, doesn’t mean you need to dress like a bum. This Fashionista exemplifies the perfect library gear. She recognizes that it’s important to stay comfortable, but still look stylish. Overdressing for the library is not an option. So ditch your tight tops and high heels, and follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps as she gracefully rocks her library look.

High-waisted jeans are creating a lot of noise in the fashion industry, and this Fashionista takes advantage of it. She is wearing a pair of dark washed high-waisted jeans, complemented with black ankle boots. The combination is extremely comfortable, however, it is unique and pleasing to the eye. Personally, I think high-waisted jeans are here to stay, and every Fashionista should invest in a go-to pair for her closet. Aside from her bottom half, she is wearing a loose fitted green crop top. The loose top balances the tight jeans and is very flattering to her body. To make the top more comfortable, she adds an adorable mustard yellow sweater. Finally, a simple gold necklace is layered to complete her library look. This overall look is very playful, and you definitely won’t spot anybody else on campus wearing it. This Fashionista knows exactly how to make a statement without making a scene. You will find her studying her day away, and everybody else studying her outfit. Next time you head to the library remember to dress comfortable and fashionable. Take time to make your look one of a kind.

One Simple Change: If it is nothing but snow where you’re from, be sure to add a cute peacoat to make this look perfect for colder weather.


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